FAQs for Tokyo Conference

Q1: What types of seminars are there at this expo?
┗ A1:
We have Keynote Session, Special Session, Technical Conference, Symposium on Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC), the Research Group of Structural and Precise Adhesion and Exhibitors’ Presentation. Admission fees are either free or charged depending on the session.

Q2: Which sessions are charged, and how can I pay for the booked sessions?
┗ A2: You can apply on our website, in which you can find the admission fee for each session.
> Click here to apply

Q3: Where is the conference venue?
┗ A3: 
Conference will be held at Makuhari Messe. As there are several conference venues, please check the conference venue of your session in advance.
> Click here for the list of conference venues (Note: the list will be released in late November)

Q4: What time does the registration for each session start?
┗ A4:
For Keynote Session and Special Session, registration will be open 30 minutes before the session starts. For other sessions, registration will be open
15 minutes before the session.
*Please be aware that the starting time of registration might vary depending on the session.
**Please make sure to give yourself extra time before coming to the conference venue, since registration for the exhibition is required for all conference sessions.

Q5: Do I need to bring anything when I arrive at the session?
┗ A5:
The URL to your My Page will be sent once your application is confirmed, so please issue the e-ticket from My Page. On the day of the session, please bring the printed e-ticket or show the QR code on your phone at the registration counter. Please be aware that, for charged sessions, e-tickets can be issued once your payment is confirmed.
> Click here to issue your e-ticket (My Page)
*There is no e-ticket for Exhibitors’ Presentation, so please come to the conference venue directly.
**For all conference sessions, registration for the exhibition is required.

Q6: How do I pay for the charged sessions?
┗ A6:
You can choose credit card payment OR invoice payment. Note: Only credit card payment is accepted from 2 weeks before the session.
For invoice payment, please download the invoice from My Page and make a payment accordingly. Please be aware that the invoice will NOT be mailed.
*E-tickets (for all sessions including free sessions) and receipts can be issued from My Page once your payment is confirmed.

Q7: Will the textbooks be distributed?
┗ A7:
Textbooks will be distributed at Technical Conference. The price for the textbooks is already included in the admission fees. Please be aware that textbooks will NOT be distributed at Keynote Session.

Q8: Is there a deadline for the application?
┗ A8:
Yes. Application is open until 18:00 (JST) one day before the session. We do NOT accept application on the day of the actual session, so please apply for the session in advance.
*The sessions with ‘Fully Booked’ signs on the page are already closed.

Q9: Can I cancel or change the session after I have applied?
┗ A9:
Free Sessions: Anyone other than the applicant him/herself CANNOT attend the session. If you wish to cancel the session, please change the registered information on My Page.
Charged Sessions: Cancellation or change of charged sessions will NOT be accepted after your application, and admission fees will NOT be reimbursed. If the applicant will not be able to attend, please have other personnel attend the session instead.

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